Removing Residue From New Acid Concrete Stain
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Removing Residue From New Acid Concrete Stain

We have applied Kemiko stain to our floors, neutralized and cleaned (many times), but there is still residue! Slab was poured over 60 days ago. Cleaned the slab 3 times (floor maintainer with black pad, TSP, wet vacuumed behind). Rinsed floor, washed, wet vacuumed. Floor was squeaky clean. Let dry overnight. The next day we applied Kemiko Cola stain (sprayed and brushed in, then light spray over to remove brush strokes). It looked great. Came back 4 hours later and floor was almost completely dry except for some low areas in the slab which had some stain that had pooled a little bit. We sprayed over some light spots with a second coat. We decided to neutralize and clean that night. We only let the second coat dry for about 2 hours, but it was dry enough to walk on barefoot without leaving any marks on the stain (or our bare feet). However, the stain never gave us that "hazy" look that I was expecting. It actually looked really good. After neutralizing with baking soda and water, scrubbing in with a push broom (aggressively), wet vacuuming, then mopping with clean water and wet vacuuming again, there was still residue. I mopped again with clean water and wet vacuumed- still residue. Decided to try again the next day. Came back the next day and the floors still looked great. I soaked the floor with clean water, scrubbed with push broom, and wet vacuumed. Still residue. I repeated this process another 3-4 times. Still residue. I scrubbed by hand with baking soda and water (and could see the dirty results of my work), vacuumed, rinsed with clean water, vacuumed- repeated again and again. Still residue. Decided to come back the next day. I scrubbed a spot of the floor by hand with a brush, TSP and water, vacuumed. Then baking soda and water, brushed, vacuumed. Then TSP and water, brushed, vacuumed. Then rinsed with clean water, brushed, vacuumed... STILL RESIDUE. I think that I may have neutralized the stain too early (before the residue had lifted to the surface), but what can I do to remove all of the residue?

Asked on Jul 23, 2010Improve / edit this question

1 Answers

Daniel Snyder   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L2)   367 answers   +915 votes
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It sounds like the concrete may have had a higher lime content and it is leaching out after each rinse/cleaning.  Also was there a vapor barrier installed beneath the slab? Moisture may be coming up through the slab from below and accelerating the process.

Posted on Jul 24, 2010

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