Install Self Adhesive Tile
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Install Self Adhesive Tile

First of all, just because it says self adhesive does not mean it will fully adhere in a permanent way. When you purchase your tile squares be sure to purchase some tile adhesive as well as a trowel. If your want your tiles to stay in place they need to be installed with adhesive. Here is some installation knowledge and advice.

Self adhesive tiles are inexpensive and beautiful. They are one of the cheapest flooring options available. When installed properly self adhesive tiles are a long lasting, durable flooring option. Self adhesive tiles are generally 12 inches by 12 inches, or 1 square foot. They come in a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles and are available at any home improvement store.

The surface on which you install your tiles on must be clean and perfectly smooth. If there is any dirt or particles on the floor it will get trapped under the new tile and will create a bubble. The bubble will be a flaw in your finished floor and will stand out. Sweep, then vacuum the floor to prepare it before beginning to install the tile.

When you install any type of tile you always want to begin in the center of the room. The reason why is all due to the edges. When you begin installing tile in the center of the room the four edges of the room will be even unless the room in not square. In the case of the room not being square the only way to ensure your tile will be installed straight is to begin in the center of the room. If you want to install your tile diagonally find the perfect center of the room using a chalk line.

Snap lines corner to corner of the room to create an X. Use that X to guide you as you install the first 4 tiles. The tips of each of the 4 tiles will meet together at the center of that X. Install the rest of the tile according to the remaining lines of the X, and according to the tiles that have already been installed.

To install tiles in rows, as squares not diamonds, find the center of the room by dividing the length and with of the room by 2. Use the chalk line if you wish, or draw lines on the floor using a straight edge and marking pencil. You can measure every 12 inches to create a perfect grid to use when installing the tile to ensure they will all be straight.

When you use a template to make an edge cut or curved cut avoid tracing the template on the back side of the tile. If you do this the tile will be cut backwards. Always make cut lines on the front side of the tile, then cut it.

When you get ready to install the tile use the trowel to spread an even 1/8 thick layer of tile adhesive under where the tile will be placed. Spread the adhesive only where you are immediately working as it will set very quickly. Never spread adhesive in more than a 3 foot by 3 foot area or by the time you get to the last part the adhesive will be hardened.

Place the tile on top of the adhesive and gently press and slide it into place. When you install one tile next to another there will be a seam between the two tiles. For a professional looking floor it is very important to butt the tiles up to each other very tightly.

Press and hold the tiles in place in the adhesive for at least 30 seconds once they are butted together. This ensures that the tile will stay in place and that there will not be obvious lines or spaces between tiles. Do this for each tile you install to create a beautiful professionally done tiled floor.

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