How to Repair a Scratch In Your Hardwood Flooring
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How to Repair a Scratch In Your Hardwood Flooring

How to repair a scratch in hardwood flooring. DIY scratch repair for hardwood floors.

Scratching your beautiful hardwood floor can be crushing, but there is something you can do about it without having to completely resurface.  Here is what you will need and what you will need to do to fix a scratch in your hardwood flooring.

What You Will Need

Stain brochures from local hardware of paint store

Wood stain that matches the color of the floor.

Paint thinner

cup cake tin

cotton swabs

varnish with gloss that matches the floor.

Small artist's paint brush

Repairing the Scratch

Step 1:  Go to your local paint or hardware store and go to where they keep the brochures with the color samples for the hardwood stain. Grab several that look like they are the same color as your flooring. Bring them home and place each one against your floor to see which one is closest. Go back to the storeand purchase that color wood stain, along with some paint thinner, some varnish, and painter' s art brush. The gloss should match the varnish of the floor.

Step 2:  Get out your muffin tin (which you probably will not want to use for baking any more so use an old one). You will now be trying to find the correct mixture of paint thinner and stain for your floor. Try mixing different levels of thinner and stain in the different muffin spots. Try mixing it 4 parts stain to 1 part thinner, 2parts to 1 part, and 1 part to 1 part.

Step 3:  Take 3 cotton ear swabs and dip one in to the first mixture, place a small dab on the scratch, start with the lightest color and work up to the darkest. See which mixture matches the floor the best. Dab up the staining with a paper towel, then carefully apply the stain that matched the best to the stain using the cotton swab. Make sure to only put it on and in the scratch and try not to get it on the floor that is fine, if you do quickly dab it off with a paper towel. Also wipe off any excessive stain.

Step 4:  Allow the stain to dry thoroughly. Then take a small artist's paint brush and apply varnish just in the repaired area. Read the instructions for the drying time and allow it to dry, sand if necessary and then apply another coat of varnish.

Allow to dry, your floor should look as good as new now.

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