How To Paint A Concrete Floor
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How To Paint A Concrete Floor

A concrete floor can be painted easily with no prior experience, resulting in a professional finish.

A fresh coat of paint properly applied to a concrete floor not only improves the aesthetic qualities of a particular room, but can protect a floor from chipping and makes it easier to clean. The processes used for painting a concrete floor are similar in technique to other types of interior painting, however the types of paint made especially for concrete flooring tend to be much stronger that your normal house paint. The best paints designed for concrete flooring tend be be of the epoxy variety, as these are formulated to adhere securely and hold up under the burden of heavy foot traffic. These paints when applied carefully with an ordinary paint brush and paint roller can last for years, and many are guaranteed to last for 15 years or more.

The success of painting a concrete floor lies mainly in the preparation - poorly prepared concrete will not allow a secure bond between paint and concrete, and will show wear quickly. Begin by emptying the room to be painted in it's entirety, and then running a shop vacuum over the entire area to be painted. Next the concrete floor needs to be cleaned thoroughly using a strong cleaner or commercial degreaser, scrubbing with either a machine or a stiff-bristle brush for the best results. In cases of a very old or dirty concrete floor this step may need to be done twice to make certain all grime is removed. After cleaning the floor it is necessary to let it dry for 24 to 48 hours prior to the application of paint, a floor or box fan is most useful in aiding and speeding the drying process.

After cleaning is completed, the concrete floor is now ready to be painted. The tools required are a paint roller and pan, a roller handle extension, and a good quality paint brush. Begin to paint the concrete floor by cutting in the edges of the floor with a paint brush to a distance of about 1 1/2 inches from where the floor meets the walls. Because epoxy floor paint can sometimes leave lap lines, it is best to start on one wall and paint the entire length of the room about the width of the paint roller. Going back to where you started, paint another strip parallel to the first smoothing out and blending the paint as you go. Paint the entire room in this fashion, backing your way out of the room as you finish.

Upon the completion of painting the concrete floor, allow it to stand at least three days prior to returning furnishings to let the paint to harden.

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