Choosing Antique Pine Flooring
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Choosing Antique Pine Flooring

Advice on choosing the ideal antique pine flooring for your home.

Pine flooring comes in many varieties but antique pine flooring is easily one of the most attractive. By using genuine reclaimed pine planks in your home you can not only have the rustic feel of the late 1800s, you can also have the durability that laminate and modern wood flooring provides today.

So where do you go for antique pine flooring?

Your first port of call should be your local reclamation yard. Here you will be able to choose from a wide variety of pine species, many of which have unique grain patterns and colorings. A lot of modern pine floors display the customary yellow hues however antique flooring can be brown, cream and even red. Once antique wooden flooring is sanded down and sealed it shows its natural colorings and really enhances the room it is installed in.

When buying antique pine flooring from a reclamation yard you will need to decide what dimensions you want the planks to have. A lot of reclamation specialists offer a range of plank widths and lengths, so you will want to have a fair idea of what you’re looking for before you go. Most modern wood floors use planks of 5 to 6” in width but genuine antique flooring can use planks up to 12” in width. The type you choose will be a matter of personal taste and of course budget.

If you don’t have a reclamation yard close by then you might want to try your local wooden flooring specialist. Most large towns and cities will have such a store and here you can buy modern pine floors that have the appearance of being antique. The modern pine planks are distressed and sanded by hand before being sealed for protection. These planks are notoriously durable and are a great way of getting the antique pine flooring look without the hassle of buying and caring for reclaimed planks.

The third option with regards to antique pine flooring is to use laminate or engineered wood. Both offer an antique pine appearance but neither is the real deal. Saying this they are a lot cheaper than genuine antique pine planks and so are definitely suitable for areas of the home that are prone to high foot traffic.

In conclusion

When it comes to pine flooring you should try to install the best quality you can. Using genuine reclaimed planks opens up a whole host of options with regards to color, plank dimensions and thus finished appearance. Remember that any type of wooden flooring is an investment so you need to make sure you do your research before you buy.


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