Best Carpet Cleaner 2011
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Best Carpet Cleaner 2011

Benefits of the best carpet cleaner in 2011. Home Improvement DIY carpet cleaning discussed to know how to clean your carpets best.

Finding the best carpet cleaner in 2011 that will work with Bissell, Hoover, rented professional carpet cleaners or other appliances can be a daunting household chore for most home owners. Advertisers who spend copious amounts of money to inform about stain cleaning solutions leave DIY consumers still questioning if stains and dirt in their carpets will be successfully removed with their new and improved carpet cleaners. Folex carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaning product excels in home improvement flooring care that can eliminate the search for the best carpet cleaner in 2011.

Carpet cleaners that get the soil out of the carpets, are easy to use, versatile, work well along with good for the environment bring Folex to the best carpet cleaner in 2011 spot. Price of carpet cleaners are not always a valued benefit which is partly why Folex will be appreciated too since the carpet and upholstery product is a reasonable budget cleaning solution.

As an instant dirt and spot remover for carpets or upholstery select convenient 32 ounce spray bottle with a price tag of under $5. Spray on the stains, let it sit for a minute or two, rub in a circular motion with fingertips, sponge or clean cloth, then blot dry to view a professional carpet cleaning result. No need to vacuum or let carpets or furniture dry.

Larger carpet cleaning requires a gallon container, which can also refill your quart spray bottle with a price of under $15. Add Folex to your hand held or upright carpet cleaning appliance with the shampoo if desired or pre-treat. Price alone could guide you to try this cleaning solution but there are more reasons. 

1. The best carpet cleaner in 2011 has no unpleasant smelling chemical ingredients.  Children and pets don't have to leave the home during carpet cleaning.

2. Can be used on any color carpet or upholstery that can be dampened with water. If you are uncertain about color fastness, try first on an unseen area of carpet or upholstery.

3. Carpet cleaning can be done with non toxic Folex informing the DIY yourself person they will be using a healthy and "Green" cleaning solution. This home improvement carpet cleaning is an environment friendly product.

4. Non flammable on the label of the best carpet and upholstery cleaning product states there are no solvents in the ingredients.

5. The best carpet cleaner is non magnetic meaning the stains do not reappear after the application is complete.

6. Best carpet cleaner in 2011 is in WalMart, Lowes and Home Depot as well as in other home improvement and carpet cleaning supply stores. 

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Perfect review. I am so glad you are writing for Factoidz. I look forward to your future articles.

Excellent review, Rob. Keep it up.

Excellent review. You did an awesome job.

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Great review. I will try this product out.

This is great information which will be of use the next time I clean my carpets.

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Nice info to have ... I just bought a Shark to deal with my hardwood floors!

You made a believe out of me! Fine job and I'm glad to know about Folex!

With 3 young children spilling things on a regular basis I need some of this! Great review, thanks.

Very informative. Thank you.

Thanks for the great review of the best carpet cleaner for 2011. I'm saving this article.

A most excellent review, I just wish we had those stores here in the UK! A really well writen/researched review, Roberta :D

Thank you for sharing this info, great article, voted up!

Good writeup.

I do not have a carpet in my place because I do not want to be burdened with cleaning it. However, if I do get one, i'll just look for this write up as reference. Promoted since I'm out of votes.